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domicilio - registered office of a company, also residence
acciones preferentes - preference shares
ensayo - trial, venture
agudo - sharp, keen
aplazar - to postpone
asistir - to assist, to attend
porcentaje de impuestos progresivo - progressive taxation
atrasado - overdue
consabido - in question, aforesaid
cuenta de venta - account sale
dedicarse - to devote oneself
dejar sin efecto - to cancel
desfavorable - unfavourable, adverse
deshacerse de - to part with
en este momento - at the present moment
equidad - fair dealing
haber menester - to need
junta de acreedores - meeting of creditors
liquidar - to liquidate, to settle
pagaré - promissory note, note of hand
plazo - term
respiro - days of grace for payment, delay, breathing time
retirar - to withdraw
(los) reunidos - those present
tener en cuenta - to take into consideration
trabajar - to work
trámites de la ley - legal means

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