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apresurar - to hasten, to urge (a.)
apresurarse con sus órdenes - to rush one's orders
cámara de comercio - chamber of commerce
anteayer - the day before yesterday
proveedor - supplier
contestar - to answer, to reply
cuenta simulada - pro forma account
culpa - blame, fault
daño - damage, injury, breakdown
de buena tinta - from a good source
costos de oportunidad - opportunity costs
existencias - stocks of goods
expedidor - sender
fecha de - dated
malcontento - uneasiness, discontent
(valor) a la par - par (value)
próximamente - about, approximately
pues - well
redactar - to write out
consultor en mercadotecnia - marketing counselor
representación exclusiva - sole agency
responsabilidad - responsibility
retardar - to delay, to be delayed
póliza - voucher
vivir - to live, to reside
ya - already
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