where else should I laze around next?  

Title: where else should I laze around next?
Location: Madrid, Spain

Finally made it to the Rastro (flea market) this past Sunday, bought some stuff, and another sun dress for me. Couldn't resist. It's really warm here most of the time so dresses, skirts, and short pants are essential. More of lounging in Retiro, under the trees. Ah, life is hard, where else should I laze around next? My brain has turned to mush from the heat, wine and the easy life, almost zero responsibility. I don't think I've had an intelligent thought in days, or has it been weeks? Sunday evening my friends and I went to that really good and cheap Spanish resturant. We had he spinach salad, some kabab like stuff with chicken and mushrooms, pork with caramelized unions on little pieces of toast, qipuillo (I think that's how it's spelled. It's this seasoned red peper that's really yummy.) with goat cheese and toast. And they give you limitless little pieces of warm bread to go with everything. The salad is the best I've ever had, with spinach, mozerella, rasins, candied walnuts, all drizzled with plenty of olive oil and vinegar. Really good to dip the warm bread in salad dressing too. For dessert we had this chocolate cake drenched in warm chocolate sauce, with whipped cream. Yum! And a mandarine sorbete with the same chocolate sauce. All washed down with a bottle of very good white wine (unfortunately forgot the name), plus a couple of glasses of house white wine to finish off the dessert. The resturant is so good, Jimmy and I went back there again Monday night. Ate like pigs. I think I OD'd on the salad since I ordered a second one after the first. We also had this egg dish with vegetables, which was amazing. The Spanish eat eggs any other time of the day other than breakfast. The vegetables were stewed and really tasty. We wolfed it down pretty quickly. I think we only took a little over an hour to eat, which is almost sacrilege, since meals should never be hurried. The waiters must have been laughing at us behind our backs. In our defense, we were kind of hungry after a day of lounging around in Retiro, napping under the shady tall green trees. Before that we stopped in this really tiny neighborhood shop to have some tortilla with beer and wine. The tortilla was very basic, just eggs, potatos and cheese, but was very very good. It was all dirt cheap too. I have been practicing my Spanish everywhere I go, too. It's fun and it's much easier now, after I took those Spanish classes. All is good!

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