No English, just Spanish  

Title: No English, just Spanish
Location: Heredia, Costa Rica

Buenos Dias everyone!! I arrived on Sunday after a long, long journey with a 5 hour stop in Atlanta. My Tico dad and brother Jimmy picked me up from the airport. I really got thrown in the deep end, no speaking English, just Spanish. I mostly just said "uh Si Si, hmmm un poco....". As it was quite late and I had to be at the Spanish language school at 7.30 the next morning I went straight to my room. My room is an outhouse in the garden, which is filled with beautiful colorful flowers and plants. After seeing a lizard and cockroach in the first minute I decided it might be worth the trouble to put up my hammock which I'd bought with my mom the day before!!(Thank god we did in the end) I awoke several times during the night hearing all sorts of strange noises, which I imagined were huge iguanas walking over my roof, but today realized it was just squirrels. I woke up at around 6am, the sun shining into my room, which only has a net curtain. (Who would've thought, me, a morning person!!) The "warm" shower is quite different to western showers, its a big white showerhead that heats the water above your head, I managed to get 3 electric shocks during my first shower. I learn fast ;) I am pretty lucky to have my own space, shower and sink. I went into the kitchen where I first met my Tica mom, Teresa and my Tica sisters Ariella and Isabella and uncle Jose who lives in the house next door. Breakfast was quite something. I´ve eaten a lot of "different" stuff, all of which I enjoyed a lot but it seems like none of it is that healthy!!! I´m surprised people aren't huge after all the fried stuff they eat. This morning I ate an egg, fried between two tortillas, and lots of sweet breads and cake. Something I really enjoy is frijoles (black beans) on baguette. The school is about 15 minutes walk from my house, in central Heredia. A lot of the students are from the US, but there are several from the UK as well, and in my class there is another Dutch girl and a German girl. I've got 4 hours of classes in the afternoon so I've got the mornings to do other things. So far, I've gone to salsa lessons that are taught at the school as well. It's really fun and I seem to slowly be getting the hang of it, although there is a severe lack of guys to dance with, so we take turns to dance with Enrique the instructor who is about 2 heads smaller than me (a very funny sight, plus I always feel like my knee will hit him in the crotch which could create an even more embarrassing situation!!!!) Last night I met a few of the students from the school to explore the nightlife here, and ended up in a bar called "El Chazo" with a lovely balcony overlooking the not so scenic traffic, still I felt like I was on holiday. I ordered an "El sexo en la playa" cocktail which I'm sure I don't have to translate....the fruit juices here are really fresh and it was probably the best cocktail I ever had!! After two days of scorching heat today I awoke to the sound of the pouring rain :( but it's cooled the temperature down which again is pretty nice.

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