July 20, Tuesday  

Title: July 20, Tuesday
Location: Oaxaca, Mexico

7 p.m. It rained this afternoon. And rained. My second day of [Spanish] classes - is that all? It feels like so much longer and I don't feel any brighter or more competent en espanol than I did yesterday. I am working hard in class though. This morning I made my way across town, by myself this time, down the broad walkway on Avenida Ciruelos (Plum Avenue), past the three or four skinny dogs sleeping in the sun on the steps of Chedraui. On the walk to school One of the stores I walk by is a big crafts store called "Manualidades." I never thought of crafts as being anything more than a crazy American phenomenon, but I guess it transcends national boundaries. Today my morning [Spanish] class had 5 students instead of 2. Everyone was at La Guelaguetza yesterday. Nicole the attorney and I were joined by Halo, a teacher from near San Francisco (must be the child of hippies with that name. It is pronounced "Aloe" in Spanish), Christy, a mom from near San Jose, and Naomi, a college student from Texas via New York. It's funny how different people have different talents and abilities. Mine seems to be pronunication. Nicole grasps verb forms quickly. Christy was fearless, launching into long stories even though she mangled almost everything in the worst way. Last night in the middle of the night I awoke to obsess about whether I had locked the doors of the Rodriguez' car. I heard some screeching tires and voices outside and began to imagine that someone had stolen the car because the gringa (me) was too stupid to lock the door, being from a rich country where electronic door locks are the norm. (It was all my awful imagination. The screeching tires were neighbors late for the airport, Gloria told me this morning. So as usual I worried for nothing). 8:40 p.m. I am refreshed by food, beautiful food. Gloria made me a plate of chayotes. It looked like hell, this pale green boiled squash dripping with water on a glass plate, but oh my God they were good. She had mixed them with chiles and topped them with salty cheese, and served them with a red salsa and tortillas. Yum. She is one heck of a good cook. She made me a very good cappuccino as well. And she does dishes. This IS a vacation in some ways, though I am working harder than I ever do at home. All the food here is excellent, way beyond anything in the US, especially better than terrible California Mexican food with its runny beans and piles of melted cheddar cheese. I know I will miss it when I leave. posted by Sue at 5:02 PM 0 comments Read more about this great adventure at: http://3oaxacaweeks.blogspot.com/

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