From Brazil to Bogota  

Title: From Brazil to Bogota
Location: Bogota, Colombia

I have finally arrived to Colombia! I landed in Bogota Wednesday afternoon after an uneventful flight from Brazil. Wednesday was spent walking around the center of Bogota and becoming oriented with the city. Thursday I took a bus out to the suburb of Zipaquira(40km away) to see the Catedral de Sal. This is a cathedral that was built underground in a salt mine. The cathedral is 25 meters high, has a floor area of 8550 square meters, and can hold up to 10,000 people. Along the passageway to the cathedral and past several caverns where the salt had been removed are the fourteen Stations Of The Cross. Each station has different religous symbols carved into the salt mine walls and each depicts a different point in the life of Jesus Christ. It was quite an impressive site and I had an Spanish speaking guide who shared his extensive knowledge of the cathedral but I won't bore you with the details. For more information and professional pictures you can visit the following website: After a long traffic filled bus ride back to Bogota, I casually walked around the city some more and tried to get a feeling for the city. I can't seem to form an opinion quite yet. I will be enjoying a great coffee in a friendly cafe one moment and then actively pursued by beggars another moment. Or coming across huge beautiful plazas and then almost run over by 5 different taxis and busses wildly roaming the streets. The one constant seems to be pollution which is quite heavy. Today I am starting my Spanish immersion classes at a local language school. I am looking forward to it, and hopefully I will soon be able to speak clear Spanish to the locals.

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