2000 meters up into the mountains!  

Title: 2000 meters up into the mountains!
Location: Cuenca, Ecuador

Coming to Cuenca, well over 2000m up into the mountains brought a welcome drop in temperature after the heat of the Galapagos and the steaming humidity of Guayaquil. Unfortunately the bad guts I got immediatey after returning from the Galapagos to Guayaquil did not clear up and I got a cracking fever to go with so decided I had better see a doctor. Apparently my pulse sitting up and my pulse lying down were different, which is a bad thing and I got admitted straight to hospital where I sent the following week- and after giving copious amounts of blood for testing they figured out I had Dengue Fever- the one thing you can't be vaccinated against- typical! Just to add insult to injury the Dengue gave me toxic hepatitis and I also had some parasites having a fiesta in my intestines, oh and then someone decided to relieve me of my purse containing my debit card and $90- how kind! Anyway I got out of the clinic on Wednesday and am enjoying my freedom, eating solid food and not having to pee into a pot (they measured my output :-( ) so all is well! Cuenca is a lovely city but for me clouded by being sick and I am quite looking forward to moving on tomorrow when we are heading north by bus and train to Riobamba where I will also be taking Spanish lessons!

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