I'm Alive!  

Title: I'm Alive!
Location: Canoa, Ecuador

I had been in Quito for 2 weeks studying Spanish. It was time to move. My next stopped was Canoa. That was a great adventure! Apparently the shortest way to Canoa is not the fastest when there is traffic. The direct route includes a ferry with a long long wait. Sebastian and Carlos opted to drive the long way around and as a bonus we got to travel some of the most read, rugged highways in Ecuador. It brought new meaning to the road less traveled, except they were traveled by lots of other brave souls! It was my job as the scout to spot the speed bumps and potholes. That was one of the hardest jobs I have ever done. I kept asking this is the highway!!! And they kept replying YES! Finally, we arrived in Canoa SAFE AND SOUND! Canoa is a fishing town that sits on a wide stretch of sand—one of the few places on Ecuador’s coast whose beach actually grew following the disastrous 1997–1998 El Niño season. Canoa is a very tranquilo alternative to other louder beach spots. The surfing is great. I’m told that there’s a big contest here in November. If that information is correct I’ll make plans on coming back. I found Posada Daniel, a few block from the beach, but never the less very convenient. The owner is friendly, speaks English and gives surfing lessons. I have found a few places to eat seafood. Costa Azul is pretty good and so is Torbellino.

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