having fun and learning a lot of history  

Title: having fun and learning a lot of history
Location: Malaga, Spain

We arrived in the city of Malaga Thursday morning. Malaga is in Andalucia southern Spain, beautiful place. Yesterday we drove down the coast and was a very enjoyable drive. Beautiful vistas! As a lot of southern Spain, the Moors occupied the city until the mid fifteenth century, after which it grew to become one of the foremost merchant centres in the entire Iberian Peninsula The city is a pretty good size and very modern, the locals are friendly. They recommend that we try "pescaito frito", the best known local fare in Malaga. Of course, let’s don’t forget tapas. The Spanish classes that we took are helping. Saturday, we visited “La Alcazaba” a major landmark and nice short walk form the plaza, cannot remember the name. The structure dates back to the 700s and was where mass was first celebrated after Christian victory. After that we visited an amphitheatre dating back to Roman times. Spain has great history, very interesting. Today is Monday already. We have been walking around the city and taking it easy. We better go, we are getting hungry, so we’ll better start looking for a place that offers “pescaito frito” or something else. : )

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