The Witches' Market  

Title: The Witches' Market
Location: La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz is a great city and I'm excited at the prospect of being here for a bit, even if I've received no less than 6 warnings from different helpful people (police officers, taxi drivers) about the need to be very careful (mostly about fake police officers and taxi drivers that will rob you). There is a witches' market just near my hostel in the centre where you can find all sorts of mystical looking potions and herbs. They also have dried llama fetuses, which are meant to protect you from bad things. They look revolting. Last night Jacques (a Parisian guy I'm travelling with at the moment) and I went to a reggae concert in the teatro aire libre (outdoor ampitheatre) in La Paz. Just the first section was filled so it was virtually a private concert. It was a Bob Marley and Peter Tosh tribute by the Fully Fullwood band and jnr marvin was there it was amazing!!!! afterwards we followed a big bunch of hippies to this underground bar and got in on their bandwagon. It was a very cool night, and all for about $15!!!! Today I went for lunch to the house of a lady who works for Lidema, Bolivia's leading environmental organization. First up she asked if I would volunteer to correct her English for a paper that she was presenting to a UN discussion group, which I happily did. She has invited me to go to the countryside with her and a colleague on Sunday, and asked if I will give a short talk to Lidema's volunteer members about global environmental problems. Better hit the net for that one. University knowledge feels like it is buried quite deeply at the moment! But the immersion classes are going well, I am learning lots and using my new-learned skills to communicate with all the nice people I meet.

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