The wonderful weather!  

Title: The wonderful weather!
Location: Quito, Ecuador

Well, it´s amazing what an effect the weather can have on a place!! I managed to wake up at a reasonable time today, and the weather was really quite nice, so I decided to return to the Old Town and have a proper wander around. Well, with mainly blue skies and sun shining, it's really quite a nice place to walk around, lots of lovely old buildings and interesting Architecture, with the odd splash of color too. There was some kind of event on, which meant that apart from the pedestrians there were absolute swarms of cyclists. Anyway, it meant that the City streets were full of people; there was live music in a number of places, and also music blaring out of various shops. On a Sunday. Quite a contrast from Good ol´ Santiago!!! Unfortunately it also meant I couldn't find anywhere to catch a cab up to the panecillo, on a day when the views would probably be quite good. Ah well, another time... Finally went out with some guys from the Spanish school Friday night. Get the impression there's good nights to be had in Quito. Unfortunately, we ended up in a pretty lame little place called Level. I got real bored and went home fairly early. Shame. But at least got a chance to practice my Spanish with the locals! Oh, and Saturday I walked to the Mirador de Gúapulo. The ubiquitous clouds meant the view was certainly not what it probably could be. Maybe when I return in May the weather will be more consistently reasonable...

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