BA - One of My Favorite Places in the World  

Title: BA - One of My Favorite Places in the World
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

estoy muy bien en Buenos aires!!! this has to be...without a of my favorite places in the world...I've been here for almost 2 weeks and am finding it hard to leave this place...and I wasn't even meant to be here at this point. I thought I´d come to Buenos Aires to relax, take some Spanish immersion courses and get my life organized, but what I've found is that there is no such thing as relaxation when you are staying at a hostel called MILHOUSE!!! The best hostel I've ever been to...100 people...everyone my age, everyone with the same mindset...everyone up for a party any day of the week! Some people have been here for almost a month!!! My clubbing experience in Buenos Aires..the night never starts before 2am!!! the last 2 weeks has become a culture where I wake up at 3pm...have breakfast/lunch/ Spanish, practice speaking Spanish...go back for evening nap...then go downstairs to the bar (in the hostel), chillin with everyone before finally headin out at 2, maybe 3... CLUB GUIDE 27th april- party at club69- this club has to be experienced! like no other. electronica music. bodies grinding. stage full of freaks on parade- outlandishly dressed, using strange ´instruments´...suggestive dancing... extra story- i meet this girl from my chat chat...find out that she lives 2 suburbs away from me in in my a physiotherapist...and knows me!!!! small world!!her name is Rebecca... in fact we had met a couple of times. there is also another australian doctor at the hostel who works in melbourne with some of my friends also another sydney physiotherapist named Chris, used to work in POW. 28th april- taken out in the city by a guy that i had met in Bariloche- Hernan. he is a local, alot of fun, and knows how to party. Met a lot of his friends, helps me when my spanish gets lost and shows me all the cool places to go out! But the Spanish really is getting much better! Start of in the funkiest bar ive ever seen called Milion- its like a classic european house turned into a bar...marble floors, decadence everywhere, chandeliers, intricately carved doors, spiral!!! Then we head out to a club called Opera bay...very loosely based on opera house in australia. 5 rooms of beautiful Argentinean people, Latin dance, electronica, remixed favorite...muy chique!! Saturday 29th april- PACHA- God is a DJ!!! never danced so hard. everyone in a world of their own, dancing like there´s no tommorow. Love using my Spanish to meet people in bars. Its awesome. Immersion classes did help!

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