Not feeling too good  

Title: Not feeling too good
Location: Quito, Ecuador

Quito. We woke up @ 6:00 AM and went out looking for breakfast. We were in little hotel. The rooms are very small, but very clean. We found a restaurant that was open at that time of day and had an internet cafe. We couldn’t believe it. To use the Internet was only $ 0.75, cheap! We came back to the room and I slept for 6 hours. I had to recover from all the traveling plus the cold I developed and the altitude. That’s a lot! By the way, I recommend going to the South American Explorers Club that is where we went after I got up from my beauty rest. : ) They are (the club) a wealth of information, Jenny read some bike reports and looked through some maps. We stopped and had an authentic Ecuadorian lunch of pork and puffed rice. We went back to the room and I slept for another hour while Jenny and Mark worked on learning Spanish. I swear those two are very driven when it comes to learning the Spanish language. I’m so happy to be traveling with them. I believe Mark took a short nap while I was sleeping. He seemed very refreshed when we decided to go and look for something to eat. We found some nice food, but I was so tired I don’t remember what it was called. We went to bed early that night. I still have a head cold.

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