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Es urgente que lo veas.
It's urgent that you see it.
Es menester que lo veas.
It's necessary that you see it.
Dale las llaves cuando lo veas.
Give him the keys when you see him.
Mañana será cuando lo veas.
Tomorrow will be when you see him.
Cuando veas a tu jefe, dile que me dio mucho gusto conocerlo.
When you see your boss, tell him that it was a pleasure to meet him.
Espera a que desempaquemos para que veas tus regalos.
Wait until we unpack so you can see your presents.
Tú vas a cambiar de idea cuando lo veas.
You are going to change your mind when you see him.
Yo quiero que tú la veas.
I want you to see it.
Lo creerás cuando lo veas.
You will believe what he told you.
No lo creerás hasta que lo veas.
You will not believe what he told you.
¿Lo creerás cuando lo veas?
Will you believe what he told you?
Neil, espero que tú lo veas del mismo modo.
I hope that you will take the same view today, Commissioner.

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