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Somos dos.
There are two of us.
Nosotras no somos rubias.
We are not blonde.
Somos muy amigos.
We are good friends.
Somos una pareja.
We are a couple.
Nosotros no somos maestros.
We are not teachers.
Nosotros somos meseros.
We are waiters.
Nosotros somos de Alemania.
We are from Germany.
Nosotros somos bomberos.
We are firemen.
Nosotros somos policias.
We are policemen.
Nosotros somos aviadores.
We are pilots.
Nosotros somos rubios por mi padre.
We are blond because of my dad.
Somos mexicanos.
We are Mexican.
Nosotros somos los alumnos. Somos los alumnos.
We are the students.
Cómo hemos llegado a ser lo que somos.
I wonder how we have become what we are.
Somos sus amigos.
We are his friends.
Somos sus amigos.
We are his friends.
Nosotros somos amados por nuestros padres.
We are loved by our parents.
Somos rusos.
We are Russian.
Somos amigos.
We are friends.
Somos publicistas.
We are publicists.
Nosotros somos abandonados por nuestro grupo.
We are abandoned by our group.
José y yo de ninguna manera somos iguales
José and I are not alike at all.
Nosotros somos puertorriqueños.
We are Puerto Rican.
Nosotros somos más de nueve alumnos.
We are more than nine students.
¡Alto! Nosotros somos guardias de seguridad armados.
Stop! We are armed security guards.
Nosotras somos bonitas.
We are pretty.
Nosotros somos altos.
We are tall.
nosotros somos
we are
Nosotros no somos de España.
We're not from Spain.
Si nosotros salimos más rápido, somos afortunados.
If we leave quickly, we are fortunate.
¡Alto! ¡Nosotros somos guardias de seguridad armados!
Stop! We are armed security guards!
Somos latinos y nosotros movemos la economía.
We are latins and we move the economy.
Somos parientes.
We are related.
No somos responsables de nuestros actos.
We are not responsible for our actions.
Nosotros somos la empresa, no los gerentes.
We are the company, not the managers.
Somos prudentes, somos sensatos.
We are prudent and we are sensible.
No, no somos antisemitas.
No, we are not anti-Semitic.
¡Somos muchos!
There are many of us!
¿Quiénes somos?
Who are we, in point of fact?
No somos catastrofistas.
However, when we speak, we do so as Europeans.
¡Somos diputados!
We are parliamentarians after all!
Y no somos comerciantes, ¡somos políticos!
We are not market traders; we are politicians.
Estimados colegas, nosotros no somos burócratas, somos políticos.
We are not bureaucrats, we are politicians.
Sí, efectivamente lo somos, somos funcionarios públicos.
Yes, indeed we are special, we are public servants.
Todos somos diferentes, todos somos iguales.
Everybody is different, everybody is equal.
Ambos somos suecos.
We both come from Sweden.
Somos diputados, representamos a electores.
We are Members of this House and we represent our electors.
Pero somos realistas.
But we maintain a sense of realism.
Somos muy solidarios.
We are happy to show solidarity.
Todos somos muy sensibles.
We are all very sensitive.
Creo que somos diferentes.
I believe we are different.
Aquí todos somos iguales.
It means that everyone is equal.
Somos amigos de Egipto.
We are friends of Egypt.
No somos mansos corderitos.
We are not good little lambs!
Somos una institución elegida.
We are an elected institution.
Aquí todos somos iguales.
We are all equal here.
Somos parte del FMI.
We are part of the IMF.
Nosotros no somos abogados.
We are not lawyers or barristers.
No somos ideológicamente contrarios.
We are not opposed to this in principle.
¡Todos somos Europa!
All of us are Europe!
No somos periodistas históricos.
We are not historical journalists.
Somos conscientes de ello.
We are aware of this.
Somos conscientes de ello.
We are aware of that.
... somos diputados a un Parlamento.
... We are members of a parliament.
Somos la especie dominante.
We are the dominant species.
Somos amigos de Georgia.
We are friends of Georgia.
Realmente somos muy ahorradores.
We are actually very thrifty.
Si no, no somos coherentes.
Otherwise we are not being consistent.
Hoy todos somos ucranios.
Today we are all Ukrainians.
Francamente, no somos suficientemente flexibles.
Frankly, we are not flexible enough.
Somos contrarios a esta propuesta.
We are unsympathetic to this proposal.
Todos somos responsables.
We all have responsibility for this.
¿Somos capaces de hacerlo?
Are we able to do it?
Porque sencillamente no somos iguales.
This is because we simply are not equal.
Somos una gran familia.
We are one big family.
Somos unos 700.
There are 700 of us.
Somos su cliente principal.
We are their biggest customer.
Somos legisladores, no gobernantes.
We are legislators, not governments.
Si lo somos, ganarán.
If we are, they will win.
Somos una nación pequeña.
We are a small nation.
Somos conscientes de ellos.
We are aware of this.
Somos una pequeña minoría.
We are a small minority.
Como he dicho, no somos benefactores.
As I said, we are not do-gooders.
Somos conscientes del compromiso.
We are aware of the compromise.
Somos un continente envejecido.
This is an ageing continent.

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