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Iba a preparar más limonada, pero no preparé más porque ya no hay azúcar.
I was going to make more lemonade, but I didn't make anymore because there isn't any more sugar.
Yo tomé tanta limonada como tú.
I drank as much lemonade as you did.
Yo bebo limonada. -limonada
I drink lemonade.
Coincido con el anterior orador en que la OLAF no es ni chicha ni limonada y en que adopta un enfoque típicamente arbitrario.
I agree with the previous speaker that OLAF is neither fish nor fowl and it takes a characteristically arbitrary approach.
En el horizonte surge una nueva amenaza: Gran Bretaña es víctima ahora de una enfermedad peor que la EEB, una enfermedad denominada «limonada alcohólica».
We also have a new threat on the horizon. There is a disease now in Britain worse than BSE - it is called alcoholic lemonade.
Hay personas que no son ni chicha ni limonada: ni son puramente asesores ni se los podría considerar apropiadamente terceras partes y representantes de intereses.
There are people who are neither flesh nor fowl, neither purely assistants nor people who could be regarded as third parties and lobbyists.

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