Spanish Verb Conjugation - bajarse  

Spanish Verb Conjugation
Spanish Verb: bajarse
English Translation: get down
We're sorry, but this verb has not been conjugated yet.

Translated sentences containing 'bajarse'

¿Qué tranvía tomaban Uds. cuando iban al centro?
What streetcar did you used to take when you went downtown?
¿Se baja (usted)?
Are you getting off?
El se baja del tren.
He gets off the train.
¿Se baja (usted)?
Are you getting off?
¡Bájate de esa mesa inmediatamente!
Get off that table immediately!
El se bajó del autobús en la parada equivocada.
He got off the bus at the wrong stop.
No se bajen en la esquina del cine.
Don't get off where the movie is.
Bájense dos cuadras después.
Get off two blocks farther on.
Quiero bajarme, por favor.
I want to get off, please.
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