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Spanish Word: vuestro,vuestra

English Translation: your

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  vulgar - common, ordinary
  vulgo - rabble, common people
  wagneriano,wagneriana - Wagnerian
  Wáshington - a state of the United States
  y - and
  ya - already, certainly, indeed; =----...
  yerro - error, mistake, blunder
  yo - I
  yugo - yoke
  Zamora - city in Spain; [no se tomó a ---- en...
  zángano - drone
  zapatería - shoemaker's trade
  zapatero - shoemaker
  zapato - shoe
  zapatón - clumsy shoe
  zarzuela - a kind of operetta
  zona - zone
  zumbido - humming, buzzing
  hola - hello, hi
  buenos días - good morning

Popular Phrase: go to bed in | Conjugated Verb: irse - to go, leave, depart [ click for full conjugation ]