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Spanish Word: vinoso

English Translation: ruby coloured

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  correa - strap, thong
  reprensibne - censurable
  habitable - habitable, inhabitable, livable
  morada - house, dwelling
  enfático - emphatic
  amotinado - mutineer
  remunerativo - worthwhile
  política - politics
  california - california
  especulativo - theoretical
  dislexia - dyslexia
  jardín trasero - backyard
  fragil - fragile, frail, frangible
  envejecimiento - aging
  prometedor - promising
  jactancioso - boaster, boastful
  sufrido - forbearing, forbearingly, lenient,...
  procreación - procreation
  no listo - not ready
  ruinas - debris

Popular Phrase: spanish word for dad | Conjugated Verb: doblar - to double; to turn [a corner, to the right, etc.]; to fold, crease [ click for full conjugation ]