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Spanish Word: vez

English Translation: time (only as expressing series);

Translated sentences containing 'vez'
¿Se ha desmayado alguna vez?
Have you lost conciousness at any time?
Use un clavo cada vez.
Une one nail each time.
Esta vez invito yo.
This time it is on me.
Ellos hablan a la vez.
They speak at the same time.
Tal vez él puede ayudar.
Maybe he can help.
Fue la primera vez.
It was the first time.
Tal vez sean más.
What is more, that may be an underestimate.
Tal vez comprenderán mejor.
Perhaps they would come to understand better.
Cada vez hay más.
There are more and more of them.
Por una vez no aparentaré…
I for one will not lend the veneer …
Utilicémosla de una vez.
Let that be used at last.
Esta vez no he podido hacerlo.
This time I could not do so.
Tal vez no sea perfecto.
It may not be perfect.
Tal vez deberíamos investigarlo.
Perhaps we ought to investigate.
Tal vez no me crean.
Maybe you do not trust me.
A nivel europeo otra vez.
At the European level again.
Tal vez las propongamos.
Perhaps we will suggest it.
Quisiera recordárselo otra vez.
I would like to remind you of it again.
Es la segunda vez.
That is the second time this has happened.
No es la primera vez.
It is not the first time.
La próxima vez, tal vez, Portugal llegue a disputar la final.
Perhaps next time, Portugal will also be in the final.
Oigo ahora que tal vez sea la última vez.
Someone might say that perhaps this is the last time.
Todo esto, tal vez, con un presupuesto cada vez menor.
All of this, perhaps, on a decreasing budget.
Una vez vendido, una vez mencionado, retorna el orden.
Once this scandal has been announced, once it has been identified, calm descends again.
Tal vez haya una moción de censura, o tal vez no.
There may be a motion of no confidence, or maybe not.
Sufren cada vez más retrasos.
They are increasingly faced with delays.
Esta vez apoyaremos el acuerdo.
For that reason, this time we will support the agreement.
¡ Y no es la primera vez!
It will not be the first time!
   Señor Presidente, otra vez yo.
   Mr President, it is me again.
No puede ocurrir todo a la vez.
This cannot happen all at once.
Sucede una y otra vez.
It happens time and again.
No, esta vez es otra cosa.
No, this time it is a different matter.
Cada vez tenemos menos credibilidad.
Credibility is in short supply.
¿Existen tal vez otras modalidades?
Are there perhaps other variations?
Lo mencioné la última vez.
I mentioned that last time.
Esta vez han sido eslovacos.
This time they were Slovakian.
¿Considerará esto una vez más?
Will you look at this again?
Ya vivimos esto una vez.
We have just experienced this once again.
Esta vez no podemos quedarnos callados.
This time let us not be silent.
Esta vez no partimos de cero.
This time we are not starting from scratch.
Señorías, voy a intentarlo otra vez.
Ladies and gentlemen, I will try again.
¿Aprenderán ustedes alguna vez eso?
Will you ever learn that?
Una vez más, muchas gracias.
Once again, thank you very much.
Esta no es la primera vez.
This is not the first time.
Nunca es la última vez.
It is never the last time.
Cada vez es más difícil.
This is more and more difficult.
Tal vez no sea mala cosa.
Perhaps that is no bad thing.
Por una vez no va a molestar.
It will not hurt for once.
Una vez más, muchísimas gracias.
Once again, thank you very much.
Tal vez no lo hayan leído.
Perhaps they have not read it.
Es precisamente la primera vez.
It is the very first time.
Seamos honestos una vez más.
Let us be honest, once again.
Un gran paso cada vez.
One big step at a time.
Iniciemos una vez más negociaciones.
Please, let us enter into negotiations once more.
Cada vez lo es menos.
It is becoming less and less so.
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  dos veces - twice;
  - past abs. of [ver]
  vía - way, road
  viajante - traveler
  viaje - journey
  viajero - traveler
  vianda - food
  víbora - viper
  Vicente - Vincent
  victorioso,victoriosa - victorious
  vida - life
  vidrio - glass, windowpane
  viejo,vieja - old
  viejo - old man
  viendo - pres. part. of [ver]
  viene - pres. of [venir]
  viento - wind
  viera - past subj., first form, of [ver]
  viernes - Friday
  vigilante - adj., watchful

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