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Spanish Word: vendrán

English Translation: fut. of [venir]

Translated sentences containing 'vendrán'
Los muchachos dicen que ellos vendrán a la clase temprano mañana.
The boys say that they will come to the class early tomorrow.
Los muchachos vendrán a la clase temprano si pueden.
The boys will come to the class early if they can.
El Sr. Hernández y su esposa vendrán a comer con nosotros pasado mañana.
Mr. Hernández and his wife will have lunch with us day after tomorrow.
Los autos chinos vendrán eventualmente.
The chinese autos will arrive eventually.
Los nuevos productos que vendrán son buenos.
The new products that will arrive are good.
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  venga - pres. subj. of [venir]
  ventaja - advantage
  ventana - window
  ventanilla - little window
  ventrílocuo - ventriloquist
  verano - summer
  veras - f. pl., truth; =¿de ----?= indeed? is...
  verdad - truth; [a la ----], indeed, truly
  verdadero,verdadera - true, real
  verde - green
  verdugo - hangman, executioner
  verdura - verdure
  verso - verse
  vertiente - slope, declivity
  vestido - suit, dress, clothes
  vete = ve + te - imper. of [ir]
  vez - time (only as expressing series);
  dos veces - twice;
  - past abs. of [ver]
  vía - way, road

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