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Spanish Word: vacío,vacía

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  vacuno,vacuna - relating to cattle, bovine
  valer - (pres. [valgo=, fut. =valdré]),
  vale más - it is better; [no vale la pena],
  valiente - brave, courageous
  valioso,valiosa - precious, valuable
  valor - value, courage
  Valparaíso - an important seaport of Chile
  valle - valley
  vamos - pres. of [ir=; =---- a ver], let us see
  vanidad - vanity
  vano,vana - vain
  variedad - variety
  varieté - French, variety (in theaters)
  varios,varias - several
  varón - man
  vas - pres. of [ir]
  vaso - glass
  vaya - pres. subj. of [ir]; as interj., come...
  Vd., Vds. - see =V=
  veas - pres. subj. of [ver]

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