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Spanish Word: transpiración

English Translation: perspiration, transpiration (botanical term)

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  la fecundidad - fertility, productivity, fecundity
  la ficha - token (such as one representing...
  el fideo - noodle
  el folio - page, sheet of paper, folio
  la hecatombe - catastrophe, carnage, disaster
  grasiento - greasy, oily
  perspicaz - perceptive, having keen eyesight,...
  la masa - mass (in physics), large quantity,...
  el viento - wind, guy rope, course or bearing...
  el retrato - portrait, photograph, image,...
  la quimera - fantasy (in the sense of the...
  la toma de corriente - electrical socket
  futurible - potential, possible
  el títere - puppet (literal or figurative)
  el cubito - ice cube, piece of ice used to cool a...
  el pulsador - button (that is pushed, as on a...
  la proeza - act, deed, exploit, accomplishment
  desechable - disposable
  el marisco - seafood, item of seafood, shellfish
  el ansiolítico - sedative, sleep aid

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