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Spanish Word: el pulsador

English Translation: button (that is pushed, as on a machine or Web page), push button, doorbell button

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  la proeza - act, deed, exploit, accomplishment
  desechable - disposable
  el marisco - seafood, item of seafood, shellfish
  el ansiolítico - sedative, sleep aid
  salado - salty, salted, witty, unlucky,...
  la patera - a type of small flat-bottomed boat...
  la pesadilla - nightmare (literal or figurative),...
  RENFE, Renfe, Red Nacional de los Ferrocarriles Españoles - Renfe, the national train system of...
  el chivo expiatorio - scapegoat
  la microonda - microwave
  el marcador - scoreboard, marker (various...
  el manotazo - slap, smack (with the hand)
  el mandamiento - command, commandment, order, writ...
  la gaza - gauze
  el enternecimiento - compassion
  pericial - expert, knowledgeable
  pedestre - on foot, walking (as an adjective),...
  el purasangre, la purasangre - thoroughbred (horse)
  obligado - obliged, required, mandated
  el retrete - toilet

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