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Spanish Word: tauromaquia

English Translation: art of bullfighting

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  te - dat. and acc. of [tú], you, yourself
  - tea
  teatro - theater
  techo - ceiling
  tedioso,tediosa - tedious, tiresome
  tejado - roof
  tejedor - weaver
  temor - fear
  templado,templada - temperate
  templo - temple
  temprano,temprana - early
  tendrán - fut. of [tener]
  tenedor - fork
  tiene diez años - he is ten years old
  tenga - pres. subj. of [tener]
  tengo - pres. of [tener]
  tenis - tennis
  tentación - temptation
  tercer - see [tercero]
  tercero,tercera - third

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