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Spanish Word: suyo,suya

English Translation: your, yours

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  tabaco - tobacco; cigar
  tabardillo - fever
  taimado,taimada - sly, cunning, shrewd
  tajada - cut
  tal - such, so, as; =----vez=, perhaps;...
  talle - figure
  también - also, likewise
  Tamburí - Tamburí (proper name)
  tampoco - neither
  tan - so; =---- ... como=, as... as
  tanto,tanta - so much;
  tanto - adv., so much
  tarde - adv., late
  tarde - afternoon; early evening;
  tauromaquia - art of bullfighting
  te - dat. and acc. of [tú], you, yourself
  - tea
  teatro - theater
  techo - ceiling
  tedioso,tediosa - tedious, tiresome

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