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Spanish Word: tal

English Translation: such, so, as; =----vez=, perhaps; =¿qué ----?= how

Translated sentences containing 'tal'
Tal vez él puede ayudar.
Maybe he can help.
Tal vez nos veamos mañana.
We may see each other tomorrow.
Tal vez pueda volver.
I may come back.
Tal vez no se haya ido.
Perhaps he/she has not left.
Tal vez te hayas equivocado.
Perhaps you have made a mistake.
Tal preocupación es injustificada.
Such a concern is misplaced.
Tal vez sean más.
What is more, that may be an underestimate.
Tal vez comprenderán mejor.
Perhaps they would come to understand better.
Tal cosa no existe.
There is no such thing.
No existe tal presión.
There is no such pressure.
Como tal debemos establecerlo.
We must establish it as such.
No podríamos oponernos a tal decisión.
We would be unable to object to this.
No logro verlo como tal.
I cannot see it as such.
No existe tal cosa.
There is no such thing.
Personalmente, lamento tal fragmentación.
Personally, I regret this fragmentation.
Tal distinción es fundamental.
This is a fundamental distinction.
Yo no he sentido tal calor.
I have not felt this heat.
No puede aceptarse tal cosa.
If we hand over the right to decide on these matters to the EU, what is the next step?
Mi interpretación no es tal.
This is not my interpretation.
Tal aumento es intolerable.
This increase is not acceptable.
No ha habido tal actualización.
No update has taken place.
Aplaudimos tal decisión.
That is to be welcomed.
Tal vez no sea perfecto.
It may not be perfect.
Tal vez deberíamos investigarlo.
Perhaps we ought to investigate.
Tal vez no me crean.
Maybe you do not trust me.
Tal vez las propongamos.
Perhaps we will suggest it.
No es tal cosa.
It is no such thing.
Tal monstruosidad debe desaparecer.
This abnormality needs to be removed from the directive.
Tal libertad sola no basta.
This freedom alone is not enough.
Tal me haya expresado mal.
Perhaps I did not explain myself very well.
No hubo tal condena.
There was no such condemnation.
No existe tal relación.
We looked into it on the committee and there is no such link.
No hemos hecho tal cosa.
We did not do so.
Tal vez haya una moción de censura, o tal vez no.
There may be a motion of no confidence, or maybe not.
Debo desaconsejar seriamente tal cosa.
I must issue a strong warning against doing any such thing.
Tiene que verse como tal.
It does need to be seen in that context.
Tal cosa me parece sumamente lamentable.
I find that deeply regrettable.
Tal como he dicho, los he mencionado.
As I have said, I have named them.
Tal planteamiento resulta demasiado simplista.
This would be all too simplistic.
No existe tal derecho de inmigración.
There is no right to immigration.
Hemos presentado enmiendas a tal fin.
We have tabled amendments to that effect.
He realizado tres propuestas a tal efecto.
I have made three proposals to that effect.
Quiero rendir homenaje a tal realidad.
I would like to pay tribute to that.
Tal afirmación suscita varias preguntas.
A number of questions arise from your claim.
¿Existen tal vez otras modalidades?
Are there perhaps other variations?
Me gustaría realizar tal declaración ahora.
I should like to do that now.
Tal tendencia es muy positiva.
That is a very positive trend.
Comisario, tal es su responsabilidad.
Commissioner, that is your responsibility.
Tal es la gran oportunidad.
That is the great opportunity.
Tal sería la fecha exacta.
This would then be the exact date.
Tal ha sido nuestro propósito.
That is what we have tried to do.
Tal vez no sea mala cosa.
Perhaps that is no bad thing.
Ofrecemos nuestros servicios a tal fin.
We offer our services for this purpose.
Debemos reaccionar ante tal decisión.
We will need to react to such a move.
Tal vez no lo hayan leído.
Perhaps they have not read it.
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