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Spanish Word: sudeste

English Translation: southeast

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  suela - pres. subj. of [soler]
  suela - sole
  suelo - ground, floor; soil
  suena - pres. of [sonar]
  suerte - luck, fate; manner
  Suez - Suez
  suficiente - sufficient, enough
  Suiza (la) - Switzerland
  sujeto - subject; fellow
  sult├ín - sultan
  suma - sum
  sumo,suma - supreutmost
  suntuoso,suntuosa - sumptuous
  superficie - surface
  superior - superior, upper; [escuela ----], high...
  superioridad - superiority
  supo - past abs. of [saber], he learned, was...
  supongamos - pres. subj. of [suponer]
  sur - south
  susto - fright, scare

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