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Spanish Word: el susto

English Translation: fright, scare

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  salomónico - fair, equitable, wise, just
  el salpicadero - vehicle dashboard
  la salsa - sauce, gravy, salad dressing, salsa...
  la salvaguarda, la salvaguardia - safeguard, protection, security, backup
  sanativo - health-promoting, curative, healing
  el sapo - toad
  la salchicha - sausage
  el secador, la secadora - dryer (the feminine form,...
  el saturnismo - lead poisoning
  el sudor - sweat, perspiration
  la salvajada - atrocity, an act of savagery, travesty
  el silbato - whistle
  el semestre - six-month period, half a year, semester
  la sidra - cider (usually alcoholic)
  el retazo - remnant, fragment, small piece, snippet
  el reposacabezas - headrest
  el rabino, la rabina - rabbi
  el rédito - interest (as on an account), yield...
  redomado - out-and-out, outright, to the...
  la rama - branch (most meanings, including the...

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