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Spanish Word: son

English Translation: pres. indic. 3 pers. pl. of [ser]

Translated sentences containing 'son'
Uds. son inteligentes.
You all are intelligent.
Las macetas son nuestras.
The flowerpots are ours.
Los caballos son nuestros.
The horses are ours.
Las cortinas son nuestras.
The curtains are ours.
Los pájaros son suyos.
The birds are his/hers.
No son prejuicios, son hechos.
This is not prejudice, these are facts.
Son claros, son transparentes.
They are very clear, they are very transparent.
No son rentables.
They are not worth the money.
Son proeuropeistas.
They are pro the EU.
Son tres.
There are, in fact, three.
¿No son demasiados?
Surely this is too long.
Son inseparables.
The two cannot be separated.
¿Son seguras o no lo son?
Is it safe or not?
Son importantes, pero son técnicas.
They are important, but they are technical.
Lo son o no lo son.
They either are or are not.
Son antibióticos técnicos, que no son absolutamente necesarios.
They are a zootechnical product which is not totally necessary.
Las normas son seguras o no lo son.
Either a standard is safe or it is not.
Estas sustancias son peligrosas, son tóxicas.
These substances are dangerous, they are toxic.
Son ineficaces porque son fáciles de sortear.
They are ineffective because they are easy to circumvent.
Son ejemplos ilustrativos, y no son los únicos.
These are telling examples and they are not isolated.
Los derechos humanos son intemporales; son universales.
Human rights are timeless; they are universal.
¿Son los padres o son otras personas?
Is it parents or someone else?
O son Derecho o no son nada.
Either they are the law or they are nothing.
No son únicos y no son exclusivos de Bélgica.
But they are not unique and they are not specific to Belgium.
No todas son perfectas, pero todas son perfectibles.
Not all are perfect, but all can become so.
Las fronteras no son deseables, pero son necesarias.
Borders are not desirable, but they are necessary.
No son valores europeos, son valores universales.
These are not European values, they are universal values.
Son dos cosas que son imposibles.
The situation is just ridiculous on both counts.
Estos gastos no son anuales, son duraderos.
These expenses are not just for one year, they are ongoing expenses.
Los costes totales son los que son.
The total cost is what it is.
Ambos resultados son insatisfactorios.
Neither outcome would be satisfactory.
Estos sectores son interdependientes.
These areas are mutually dependent upon one another.
No son los únicos.
They are not the only ones.
Estas decisiones son no legislativas.
These resolutions are not legislative.
Son las "personas transparentes" .
They have become the first "transparent people" .
No son, desgraciadamente, una novedad.
Unfortunately they are nothing new.
Así son las cosas.
It is a fact of life.
No son objetivos excesivamente ambiciosos.
They are not over-ambitious targets.
¿Cuáles son los motivos?
What are the reasons for this?
Son buenas noticias.
That is the good news.
Éstos son los mecanismos.
These are the mechanisms intended to achieve this.
Son dos cosas distintas.
These are two different things.
¿Son sólo palabras?
Might it possibly be nothing but words?
Son dos cosas distintas.
These are two separate issues.
Estas son las claves.
These are the key points.
¿Cuáles son sus denuncias?
What can be the cause of their complaints?
Estas propuestas son acertadas.
These proposals go in the right direction.
Por eso son necesarios.
There is therefore a need for such a system.
No son acciones ni obligaciones.
They are not stocks and shares.
No son metales especulativos.
They are not speculative metals.
Son, pues, vertiginosamente pequeños.
In other words they are minute.
Sus deseos son encomiables.
They excel in wishful thinking.
Lo demás son palabras.
Any other suggestion is just hot air.
Los precedentes no son buenos.
The precedents are not good.
Por favor, ¿cuáles son?
Exactly what are they then?
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