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Spanish Word: sorbete

English Translation: sherbet

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  sorprendente - rare, extraordinary
  sorprendido,sorprendida - surprised
  sorpresa - surprise
  sótano - basement
  soy - pres. of [ser]
  su - his, her, its; their; yours
  subida - elevation, ascent
  suceso - event, happening
  sucio,sucia - dirty
  sudeste - southeast
  suela - pres. subj. of [soler]
  suela - sole
  suelo - ground, floor; soil
  suena - pres. of [sonar]
  suerte - luck, fate; manner
  Suez - Suez
  suficiente - sufficient, enough
  Suiza (la) - Switzerland
  sujeto - subject; fellow
  sultán - sultan

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