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Spanish Word: saeta

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  sagrado,sagrada - sacred; [La Sagrada Escritura], Holy...
  sala - hall, room
  Salamanca - city and province in western Spain
  salgo - pres. of [salir]
  salida - boundary; =---- de toros=, entrance...
  salitre - saltpeter
  salón - large hall; =---- de trono=, throne hall
  salto - juleap; [dar un ----], to juleap
  salud - health
  saludo - salutation
  salvación - salvation, rescue
  salvo,salva - safe
  san - shortened form of [santo]
  Sancha - Sancha (proper name)
  sangre - blood
  sanguijuela - leech
  San Ignacio de Loyola - founder of the Jesuit order
  sano,sana - healthy, well, sound
  santo,santa - holy
  santo,santa - m. and saint

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