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Spanish Word: sanguijuela

English Translation: leech

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  San Ignacio de Loyola - founder of the Jesuit order
  sano,sana - healthy, well, sound
  santo,santa - holy
  santo,santa - m. and saint
  saqué - past abs. of [sacar]
  sardina - sardine; [entierro de la ----], a...
  sastre - tailor
  satisfacción - satisfaction
  satisfecho - p.p. of [satisfacer.]
  se - refl. pron., himself, herself,...
  se - pers. pron. == le= (when followed by...
  - pres. of [saber]
  sea - pres. subj. of [ser]
  sebo - tallow
  sección - section
  seco,seca - dry
  secretario - secretary
  secreto - secret
  sed - thirst; [tener ----], to be thirsty
  según - according to, as

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