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Spanish Word: saber

English Translation: ([sé, sabré, supe, sabido=, pres. subj. =sepa]),

Translated sentences containing 'saber'
No sé qué hacer.
I don't know what to do.
No nos dijo lo que queríamos saber.
She didn't tell us what we wanted to know.
No quiero saber nada de eso.
I don't want to know anything about it.
Eso no lo sé.
I don't know that.
¿Sabes algún remedio casero?
Do you know any home remedies?
No podíamos no saber.
It was impossible not to know.
Me gustaría saber qué sucede.
I would therefore like to know what is happening.
Me gustaría saber por qué.
I should like to know why.
Quiero saber dónde está.
I want to know where it is.
Me gustaría saber la verdad.
I should like to know the truth.
Quisiera saber por qué.
Why, I would like to know?
Lo hemos hecho saber.
We have made this known.
Desearíamos saber cuál es.
We would like further details on this.
¿Qué más quiere saber?
What else do you want to know?
Me encantaría saber por qué.
I should very much like to know why.
Me gustaría saber la razón.
I would like to know what the point of that is.
Eso nos gustaría saber.
That is what we would like to know.
Deseo saber por qué.
I want to know why.
Hice saber esta circunstancia.
I reported this at the front.
Hemos de saber preservarlos.
Let us ensure that we do preserve them!
No hemos conseguido saber nada.
We have not managed to find out anything.
No basta con saber 'quién?, también debemos saber 'por qué?.
It is not enough to know 'who'. We must also know 'why'.
Nos gustaría saber quiénes son.
We would like to know who they are.
Debemos saber cuánto va a costar.
We must know how much it will cost.
Hay que saber asumir riesgos.
We must be able to take risks.
Tenemos que saber quiénes son.
We must know who they are.
Me gustaría mucho saber cuál es.
I would very much like to hear what it is.
El problema es saber cómo.
The problem is how to achieve this.
¡No corramos antes de saber andar!
Let us not run before we can walk!
Quisiera saber qué regla no respeto.
I should like to know which rule I do not respect.
Es algo que me gustaría saber.
That is something I should like to know.
Necesitamos saber qué estamos haciendo.
We need to know what we are doing.
Es algo que me gustaría saber.
That is something I should like to know.
Nos gustaría saber los motivos.
We should like to know why they are rejected.
Quisiera saber qué debemos hacer.
I would like to ask what we should do.
Hoy necesitamos saber muchas cosas.
Today, we need to know many things.
Y temo saber la respuesta.
And I am afraid of the answer.
Desearía saber si es necesario.
I would like to know, please.
Queremos saber qué va a pasar.
We would like to know what exactly is being done.
Nos gustaría saber de usted...
And we should like you to tell us...
Necesitamos saber cómo son elegidos.
We need to know how they are appointed.
Exigimos saber lo que pasa.
We demand to know what is happening.
Me gustaría saber si es así.
I would like to know whether this is the case.
No quería saber nada del nacionalismo.
He would have no truck at all with nationalism.
Es algo que deben saber.
You must realise that too.
El consumidor tiene derecho a saber.
The consumer has a right to know.
Su programa de investigación debe verse influido por éste ¿Qué queremos saber, qué podemos saber y quién puede saber qué?
There must be public influence on a research agenda. What do we want to know, what can we know and who is allowed to know what we know?
Quizá me lo pueda hacer saber más tarde.
Perhaps you could let me know later.
Quisiera saber realmente qué palabrería es ésta.
I would really like to know what kind of nonsense this is?
Moldavia debe saber hacia dónde quiere ir.
How can we, the European Parliament, make it easier for Moldova to become more open?
Hemos de saber si la legislación funciona.
We must know whether the legislation is working.
¿Qué es lo que éste desea saber?
What do they want to know?
También quisiera saber su opinión al respecto.
I would welcome your opinion on this matter.
Me gustaría saber cuándo podemos esperar tenerla.
I would like to know when we might expect to see that.
Pero hago saber que solicitaremos un informe.
But I should like to inform the House that we shall be putting in for a report.
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  sabio,sabia - wise
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  salón - large hall; =---- de trono=, throne hall
  salto - juleap; [dar un ----], to juleap
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  saludo - salutation
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  salvo,salva - safe
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