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Spanish Word: quebranto

English Translation: disruption

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  anticristo - antichrist
  violación - violation
  ni siquiera - not even
  perceptible - perceptible
  flojamente - loosely
  procuración - procurement
  letonia - latvia
  dividendo - dividend
  premura - distress
  sacramento - sacrament
  uva pasa - currant
  más ya - no longer
  trasladable - removable
  transgresión - transgression
  tormenta - storm, thunderstorm, tempest
  telecopiadora - fax machine
  alternacion - alternation
  temperamento - temper
  pragmatismo - pragmatism
  contenedor - container

Popular Phrase: preterite of caer | Conversational Spanish | Conjugated Verb: tapar - to cover; to put the lid on, put the cap on, put the stopper in [a container]; to cover up, hide, conceal [ click for full conjugation ]