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Spanish Word: pragmatismo

English Translation: pragmatism

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  contenedor - container
  mustio - lugubrious, sadly
  catal√©ptico - cataleptic
  cansancio - tiredness, weariness
  seduccion - seduction
  gallardo - perky
  intangible - intangible, untouchable
  diametral - diametrical
  tal vez - may, maybe
  parodia - parody, travesty
  nave espacial - spaceship
  sonante - twanging
  barbecho - fallow
  coerci√≥n - coercion
  sonido vibrante - twang
  estudios - studies (n)
  cooperativamente - cooperatively
  signo menos - minus sign
  fogon - cooker, hearth
  entelerido - dismayed, distraught

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