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Spanish Word: que

English Translation: who, which, what; that; [lo ----], what (rel. pron.); that, in order that; as, since, when; than (conj.)

Translated sentences containing 'que'
Me han dicho que / He escuchado que
I heard that
me interesa mucho que...
it means a lot to me that...
No tome más que las pastillas que debe tomar.
Do not take more pills than you are supposed to.
¿Que impide que yo sea presidente?
What is stopping me from becoming president?
Es importante que me avise.
It is important that you warn me.
Creo que puede que tengamos que hacerlo.
I think we may need to.
Creemos que no.
We do not think so.
Compruebo que no.
There are no further comments.
Creo que no.
I do not think it can.
Creemos que no.
We do not think so.
Creemos que no.
We do not believe that this is the case.
"¡Que frío!"
Mr President, I am prompted to say 'How cold it is!'
Pienso que no.
I do not think so.
Creo que no.
I do not think so.
¡No, seguro que no!
No, it certainly is not!
Creemos que no.
We feel that this is not the case.
Creo que no.
I do not think so.
¡Ojalá que no!
I hope we do not.
Seguro que no.
I wager it would not.
Creo que no.
I do not think so.
Que no decaiga.
Please do not drop the ball.
Que funcionan.
The fact that it works.
Me parece que no.
I think not quite enough.
Me parece que no.
I do not think so.
Creo que no.
I do not think so.
Opino que no.
I do not believe so.
Sabemos que no.
We know that we do not.
Veo que no.
I do not see anyone.
Creo que no.
I do not think so.
¿Verdad que no?
No we haven't, have we?
Pienso que no.
I do not think so.
Que conste.
I would therefore like to point that out.
Me parece que no.
It seems to me that it does not.
) Pienso que no.
No, I do not think so.
Creo que no.
I do not believe that they were.
Tenemos que...
As regards this demand, we must also...
Tendremos que esperar a que lleguen.
We shall wait for them to come in.
Creemos que tenemos que aprobarla.
We think we have to say yes.
Creo que no hay que engañarse.
We should not deceive ourselves.
Sé que tenemos que administrarla.
I know we have to administer it.
Creo que hay que felicitarla.
I think she is to be congratulated.
Así que tendremos que luchar.
So we will have to fight.
Creo que tenemos que felicitarnos.
I believe that we should congratulate ourselves.
Me parece que hay que decirlo.
I believe that this must indeed be said.
¿Que habría que hacer, pues?
What should be done, then?
Así que tuvimos que cambiarlo.
So we had to change it.
No creo que tenga que nombrarlos.
I do not think I have to name them.
Considero que los que protestan...
I appreciate that the protesters...
Que sientan que no están solas.
They must know that they are not alone.
¿Creemos que hay que reformarlo?
Should the Fund be reformed?
Algo que hay que respetar.
This process is to be respected.
Creo que hay que saludarlo.
She is to be congratulated on this.
Imaginen que hubieran tenido que hacerlo el año que viene.
Imagine that they had to do this next year.
Mejor dos que ninguna, que era lo que sucedía antes.
Two is better than none, which is what happened before.
Creo que esto es justo lo que no hay que hacer.
I believe this is the wrong way around.
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