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Spanish Word: querido,querida

English Translation: beloved, dear

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  quetzale - quetzal, a large bird of Guatemala
  quien - rel. pron., who, which, the one who
  quiere - pres. of [querer]
  química - chemistry
  quina - cinchona
  quince - fifteen
  quinientos - five hundred
  quinta - conscription, levy
  quinto - one-fifth, fifth
  quisiera - past subj., first form, of [querer]
  quiso - past abs. of [querer]
  rama - branch (of a tree)
  ramal - branch, arm (of a river)
  Ramón - Raymond
  rana - frog
  rancho - ranch
  rápidamente - rapidly
  rápido,rápida - rapid, fast
  raro,rara - rare
  rastro - slaughter house

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