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Spanish Word: que

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Translated sentences containing 'que'
Me han dicho que / He escuchado que
I heard that
me interesa mucho que...
it means a lot to me that...
No tome más que las pastillas que debe tomar.
Do not take more pills than you are supposed to.
¿Que impide que yo sea presidente?
What is stopping me from becoming president?
Es importante que me avise.
It is important that you warn me.
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More Spanish -> English Translations
  quehacer - occupation, work
  queja - complaint
  querido,querida - beloved, dear
  quetzale - quetzal, a large bird of Guatemala
  quien - rel. pron., who, which, the one who
  quiere - pres. of [querer]
  química - chemistry
  quina - cinchona
  quince - fifteen
  quinientos - five hundred
  quinta - conscription, levy
  quinto - one-fifth, fifth
  quisiera - past subj., first form, of [querer]
  quiso - past abs. of [querer]
  rama - branch (of a tree)
  ramal - branch, arm (of a river)
  Ramón - Raymond
  rana - frog
  rancho - ranch
  rápidamente - rapidly

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