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Spanish Word: el manotazo

English Translation: slap, smack (with the hand)

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  el mandamiento - command, commandment, order, writ...
  la gaza - gauze
  el enternecimiento - compassion
  pericial - expert, knowledgeable
  pedestre - on foot, walking (as an adjective),...
  el purasangre, la purasangre - thoroughbred (horse)
  obligado - obliged, required, mandated
  el retrete - toilet
  punible - punishable
  el pingüino - penguin
  el terapeuta, la terapeuta - therapist
  el acta - minutes (of a meeting), record (as of...
  el pago - payment, reward
  el añil - indigo (the plant or the color...
  el palo - stick, golf club, post (as of a...
  el peón - unskilled worker, pawn (in chess),...
  el tabú - taboo
  el pomo - knob (such as on a door or drawer)
  la tapa - lid, snack, tapa, cover or sleeve or...
  el pozo - well, mine shaft, mining pit

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