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Spanish Word: el pico

English Translation: beak, mouth, corner, pick (type of tool), spout, indeterminate amount

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  el pito - whistle, horn, person who blows a...
  el azar - chance, fate
  el aire - air, atmosphere, ambiance, wind
  el tema - subject (as of a book or class),...
  el taco - plug, wad, wedge, mess, naughty word,...
  el estaño - tin
  el entrenamiento - training
  despoblado - unpopulated, uninhabited, deserted
  la nata - cream, whipped cream, the cream of...
  el marfil - ivory
  la escarcha - frost
  el oficinista, la oficinista - office worker, clerk
  minucioso - meticulous, detailed
  el padrino - godfather (as at a baptism), best man...
  la mugre - filth, muck, grime
  el apodo - nickname
  el fontanero, la fontanera - plumber
  el trébol - clover, trefoil, club (on a playing...
  el trillizo, la trilliza - triplet (generally referring to a...
  la piña - pine cone, pineapple, close-knit...

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