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Spanish Word: el tema

English Translation: subject (as of a book or class), topic, theme

Translated sentences containing 'el tema'
En el examen preguntaron el tema cinco.
In the exam they asked chapter five.
el tema de la actualidad
current topic
El tema que trataron fue el de los derechos de los animales.
The topic they discussed was animal rights.
¡Ese es el tema!
That is what this is all about!
Pero vayamos al tema.
But now to the topic itself.
Segundo tema: la seguridad.
The second point is security.
Segundo tema: política exterior.
Issue No 2: foreign policy.
Tercer tema: política agraria.
Issue No 3: agricultural policy.
Es un tema interesante.
This is an interesting issue.
El tema no va a desaparecer.
Sometimes Commissioners are very deft at making sure they do not fall into traps.
Es un tema grave.
This is a serious matter.
Es un tema difícil.
It is a difficult subject.
Éste no es el tema.
This is not the issue.
Estamos estudiando el tema.
We are looking at this.
Termino con este tema.
I will finish on this.
Es un tema complejo.
It is a complex issue.
No es un tema nuevo.
This is not a new subject.
Es un tema delicado.
That is a sensitive subject.
   El tema está complicado.
   This is a complicated issue.
El tema es complejo.
The subject is a complex one.
Es un tema urgente.
This is an urgent matter.
Es un tema importante.
This is an important topic.
Ese no era mi tema.
That was not my point.
Ningún tema será tabú.
No topic will be taboo.
Me gustaría evaluar este tema.
I would like to evaluate this.
Permítanme señalar otro tema.
Let me now move to another issue.
Pero, vayamos al tema.
Let us, however, examine the issue more closely.
Es un tema doloroso.
It is a sore subject.
Este tema es importante.
The subject is an important one.
No quiero evitar el tema.
I am not trying to avoid the issue.
Me ceñiré al tema.
I will stick to the topic.
Esto no pertenece al tema.
Your question was not relevant to the present subject.
Paso a continuación a otro tema.
I now turn to another subject.
Omitiré este tema.
I will skip these aspects.
Volveré al tema pormenorizando.
I shall be returning to this question in more detail.
Este tema es importante.
This issue is very important.
Me parece un tema importante.
To my mind, this issue is of vital importance.
El tema no es nuevo.
The subject is not new.
El tercer tema es el tema del control.
The third point concerns controls.
Tercer tema: el tema, muy importante, de la unidad palestina.
Third, the issue - and it is a very important one - of Palestinian unity.
Me quiero referir a un segundo tema.
There is a second issue I would like to raise.
Esto me lleva al tercer tema.
That brings me to the third point.
Hoy debatimos un tema importante.
We have an important item on our agenda today.
Este tema tiene dos vertientes.
There are two ways of approaching this.
Pero esto es otro tema.
That is another kettle of fish, however.
Es un tema muy sensible.
This is a very tricky business.
Este tema hay que abordarlo.
This has to be addressed.
Realmente logró centrar el tema.
He did in fact manage to talk the subject down.
Déjenme que me refiera a otro tema.
Let me raise another point.
Segundo tema: decisión espectro radioeléctrico.
My second report is on the Radio Spectrum Decision.
Ha planteado el tema coherentemente.
He has raised the issue consistently.
Ése es, efectivamente, otro tema.
This is another matter altogether.
Pero no hablaremos de este tema.
That is not, however, what we are here to discuss.
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