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Spanish Word: paso

English Translation: step, passage; [dar un ----], to take a

Translated sentences containing 'paso'
No me paso todo el día de cháchara y sin trabajar.
I don't spend the whole day chitchatting without working.
Yo paso por allí.
I pass by there.
Están de paso.
They're just passing through.
De veras, no se que paso con su bolsa de marijuana.
Really, I don't know what happened to your stash.
Está de paso.
He is just passing through.
Estamos avanzando paso a paso.
We are moving on a step-by-step approach.
Vayamos paso a paso.
Let us take the first step before the second.
Paso a informarles.
I will inform you of those.
Paso página.
I am turning the page.
Debemos reforzar nuestras opciones diplomáticas paso a paso.
We must reinforce our diplomatic options step by step.
Debemos avanzar lentamente y paso a paso.
Here we need to advance slowly and step by step.
Usémoslas y vayamos adelante paso a paso.
Let us use them and let us go forward step by step.
Dicho esto, hay que proceder paso a paso.
Having said that, a step by step approach is called for.
Resulta esencial un enfoque paso a paso.
A step-by-step approach is essential.
Aun así, tenemos que avanzar paso a paso.
Nonetheless, we can but proceed one step at a time.
Opino que Desertec se desarrollará paso a paso.
I believe that Desertec will come step by step.
Simplemente, tenemos que construirlo paso a paso.
We simply have to build it stage by stage.
Creo que paso a paso nos vamos acercando.
I think that this is how we will gradually grow closer together.
Es un paso atrás.
It is a retrograde step.
Sería un paso atrás.
It would be a retrograde step.
Es un paso adelante.
It is a step forward.
Dicho sea de paso.
But that is by the by.
Necesitamos este paso decisivo.
We need you to take this decisive step.
Paso a continuación a Bielorrusia.
I now turn to Belarus.
Paso, por último, Colombia.
Finally, I turn to Colombia.
Paso a la enmienda 10.
I shall now turn to Amendment No 10.
Paso ahora a las formalidades.
Now I turn to the formalities.
Es el primer paso.
It is the first step.
Es un primer paso.
It is a first step.
Es un primer paso.
It is a first step.
Paso a comentar su informe.
I now turn to your report.
No debemos dar ese paso.
We must not take that step.
¡Paso a la Presidencia británica!
Roll on the British presidency!
Paso ahora a la resolución.
I now turn to the resolution.
Es un primer paso.
The debate is a first step.
Paso ahora a la evaluación.
I now turn to evaluation.
Paso a mi segundo ejemplo.
I turn now to my second example.
Es un paso encomiable.
This is a welcome step.
Son un paso atrás.
They are a step backwards.
Es un paso importante.
This is an important step.
Paso a la segunda propuesta.
I now come to the second proposal.
Es un paso importante.
That is an important step.
Constituye un paso adelante.
It is a step forward.
Paso a mi segunda pregunta.
I come to my second question.
Demos este paso.
Let us take this step.
Es un primer paso.
This is a first step.
Es un paso positivo.
This is a positive move.
Paso a continuación al empleo.
Now, the matter of employment.
Paso a continuación a otro tema.
I now turn to another subject.
No comprendemos este paso.
I cannot understand this approach.
Ya es un paso.
That is already a step forward.
Paso al Pakistán.
I now come to Pakistan.
Paso ahora a ECHELON.
Let us now turn to Echelon.
Por último, paso a ECHO.
Lastly, I come to ECHO.
Paso a Letonia: claros progresos.
I will now turn to Estonia, where there has been clear progress.
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