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Spanish Word: patata

English Translation: potato

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  paterno,paterna - on the father's side, paternal
  patria - country, native land
  paz - peace
  pecado - sin
  pecho - breast
  pedazo - bit, piece; [hacer ---- s], to smash...
  peligro - danger
  pelota - ball
  pelotera - quarrel
  pena - pain, trouble; [no vale la ----], it...
  penitencia - penance
  penoso,penosa - painful
  pensamiento - thought
  Pensilvania - Pennsylvania
  Peñafiel - a city in the province of Valladolid,...
  peor - worse; worst
  pequeñita - little girl
  pequeño,pequeña - small, little; short
  pera - pear
  peral - pear tree

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