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Spanish Word: nada

English Translation: nothing

Translated sentences containing 'nada'
no decir nada
to not say a word
No, no he leído nada.
No, I haven't read anything.
No traigas nada por favor.
Don't bring anything please.
Ella no durmió nada.
She didn't sleep a wink.
No me debes nada.
You don't owe me anything.
No penséis nada, no veáis nada, no hagáis nada.
Think nothing, see nothing, do nothing.
No cuesta nada.
It does not cost anything.
No compromete a nada.
It does not commit you to anything.
Nada nuevo.
We have heard this one before.
Nada más.
This is the request that I should like to express
Nada más.
That is all for the moment.
No cambia nada.
He is not changing anything.
¡Nada más!
There was no more to it than that.
Nada más.
I have nothing else to say.
No ganamos nada.
We are not gaining anything.
El resultado: nada de nada.
The result: nada, zero, zip.
Nada más y nada menos.
Nothing else, nothing more and nothing less.
Es más que nada.... ¡pero casi nada!
It is better than nothing, but not much!
Es mejor que nada y nada mejor.
It is better than nothing but takes us no further.
Nada menos, pero nada más que eso.
Nothing less and nothing more than that.
De nada, de nada, señor Barroso.
Not at all, not at all, Mr Barroso.
Esto no tiene nada que ver con nada.
It is not about any link to anything.
No añadiremos nada ni suprimiremos nada al Tratado.
We shall neither add anything to the Treaty, nor delete anything from it.
Pero no hay nada perdido.
But all is not lost.
Y no estamos haciendo nada.
We are not doing anything whatsoever about it.
Nada más, señor Presidente.
Mr President, that is all I have to say.
Nada más errado.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
No han conseguido nada.
In fact, they have achieved nothing.
Esa discusión no conduciría a nada.
This discussion would be meaningless.
¡Una tarea nada fácil!
This was no mean feat!
No es necesario repetir nada.
There is no need to repeat anything.
La ecotasa no soluciona nada.
The eco-tax will solve nothing.
Y nada más.
I have nothing else to say.
Sobre Estrasburgo no dice nada.
It says nothing about Strasbourg.
Consiguen algo por nada.
They are getting something for nothing.
Entonces, ¡nada de cabeceos!
So, do not shake your head!
Yo, realmente, no entiendo nada.
I really do not understand at all.
No se puede descartar nada.
This might well be the case.
No es nada nuevo.
There is nothing new about that.
Esto no resulta nada auspicioso.
Things are looking quite bad.
Nada de eso.
It does nothing of the kind.
No sería nada deseable.
That would be a real pity.
Nada más, Señorías.
That, ladies and gentlemen, is all I have to say.
No, decididamente, nada nuevo.
There is absolutely nothing new here.
Así no conseguimos nada.
We will not achieve anything that way.
¡No hay nada más falso!
Nothing could be further from the truth.
No tengo nada en contra.
I have nothing against that.
En síntesis, nada preocupante.
In short, there is nothing to worry about.
No perderán nada con probarlo.
There is no harm in trying it out.
Nada de nuevas ideas, nada de nuevas visiones, nada de nuevas iniciativas, y nada de urgencias.
No new thoughts, no new vision, no new initiatives and no urgency.
No tengo nada que añadir.
I have nothing further to add.
No puedo añadir nada más.
I can say no more.
No serviría de nada.
It will not help at all.
Además, no solucionaría nada.
Moreover, it would not solve anything.
No está nada mal.
That is not a bad result.
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