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Spanish Word: muselina

English Translation: muslin

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  fianza - bail
  indirecto - indirect
  correo electrónico - e-mail
  coalicion - coalition
  aficionado - fan (n) (person), amateur
  pañería - drapery
  inmanejable - unmanageable
  compacto - compact, compactly
  caldero - cauldron
  escapulario - scapular
  madeja - hank, skein
  abreviatura - abbreviation, shorthand
  asesino - murderer, assassin, killer,...
  afeitadora - shavers
  encogido - constrained, shrunken
  extorsión - extortion
  raro - freak, odd, rare, weird,...
  feo - ugly
  follaje - foliage
  secoya - redwood

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