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Spanish Word: marica

English Translation: magpie

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  marido - husband
  marqués - marquis
  Marta - Martha
  martes - Tuesday
  marzo - March
  mas - but, however
  más - more; [por ---- que], even if
  matador - [matador] (chief bullfighter)
  mate - dull, lusterless
  matemáticas - f. pl., mathematics
  Mateo - Matthew
  materia - matter; [entrar en ----], to come to...
  materno,materna - on the mother's side, maternal
  matrimonio - marriage
  Matsuyama - a city of Japan
  máxima - maxim, saying
  máximo,máxima - greatest
  mayo - May
  mayor - greater, greatest; older, oldest;...
  me - dat. and acc. of [yo,] me

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