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Spanish Word: máximo,máxima

English Translation: greatest

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  mayo - May
  mayor - greater, greatest; older, oldest;...
  me - dat. and acc. of [yo,] me
  medio,media - half; [las ocho y media,] half past...
  medio - means; [por ---- de,] by means of
  Mediterraneo,Mediterranea - Mediterranean
  mejicano,mejicana - Mexican
  Méjico - Mexico
  mejilla - cheek
  mejor - better; best
  melocotón - peach
  melón - melon
  memoria - memory; [de ----,] by heart
  mendigo - beggar
  menor - less; least; younger
  menos - less; least; =(a) lo ----=, at least
  mercader - merchant
  mercado - market
  mercurio - mercury
  meridional - southern

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