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Spanish Word: más

English Translation: more; [por ---- que], even if

Translated sentences containing 'más'
Véase más arriba
see above
¿Alguien más sin billete?
Does anybody else need a ticket?
Ya no aguanta más.
He (she) can't stand it anymore.
No lo pienses más!
Don't think about it anymore!
No me expliques nada más.
Don't explain anything else to me.
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  matador - [matador] (chief bullfighter)
  mate - dull, lusterless
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  me - dat. and acc. of [yo,] me
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  medio - means; [por ---- de,] by means of
  Mediterraneo,Mediterranea - Mediterranean
  mejicano,mejicana - Mexican
  Méjico - Mexico
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  mejor - better; best

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