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Spanish Word: el hostal

English Translation: guesthouse, inexpensive hotel, hostel

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  el huérfano, la huérfana - orphan
  el hispanohablante, la hispanohablante - someone who speaks Spanish
  la hipoteca - mortgage
  húmedo - humid, damp, wet, moist
  hidrófilo - absorbent, hydrophilic, referring to...
  el garbeo - stroll, pleasant walk, walking tour
  la gansada - something silly or inconsequential
  el guisante - pea
  el garrote - club, stick, tourniquet, garotte,...
  el granizo - hail
  el granito - granite, item made from granite,...
  grueso - thick, fat, large, heavy
  la greña - tangle of hair, matted hair, mop of hair
  griego - Greek (as either a noun or adjective)
  gatillo - trigger of a gun
  el gazapo - young rabbit, typographical error or...
  godo, goda - Gothic, Goth
  el girasol - sunflower
  la grulla - crane (type of bird)
  el gaucho - gaucho (the \"cowboy\" of Argentina,...

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